Monday, November 14, 2011

Dull, Dull, Dull

I've been trying to blog lately.
There's just not too much that has happened.
And I just haven't felt like taking my camera along with me.
Here are a few random photos I've taken with my phone this past week.

Sage at the Veteran's Day parade. Check out her awesome boots and her waving flag:

And bath time-she must have EVER toy in the tub with her including the basket that they are stored in. The one thing she can NOT have is bubbles. Don't even try to put bubbles in this kid's bathtub or she will come completely unglued. If she gets bubbles from her shampoo on her hand she will start to worry until you wipe them off!

And tonight: She decided not to take a nap today so she was miss grumpy by the time 6pm rolled around:
Next week I will do better!

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