Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm working on pre-packing today. I took a look at the calendar and noticed that we only have about four weeks in the apartment before the movers come to pack it all up.  Once the movers take it away it will be close to 2 months before it all gets to Hawaii. We'll be leaving Missouri soon after the movers ride off with our things (we will only be staying long enough to clean the apartment and turn in the keys).  Once we leave here we'll be going to Georgia to spend the holidays with my family and then we're off to Oregon to see Dana's family. Then-Hawaii!!
Once we get to Hawaii we'll be living in a type of extended stay hotel room that the Army will provide for us till we find housing. We're going to attempt to get on-post housing due to the extremely high rental rates off post. We'll probably also look around off post just to see what's available and if there is anything that will work for us. There are a lot of pros and cons to living on-post or off. But until we find housing we won't have our stuff-even if it gets to Hawaii before we do! You gotta have a place to move it into before they'll let you have it.
Long story short, we could be in the extended stay hotel room for quite some time. I've heard horror stories about people getting stuck there for MONTHS before the waiting lists clear up enough for them to get housing.
So I'm packing.
I've gotta pack winter clothing for our time here, in Georgia and in Oregon. Because it will be cold. And then I have to pack spring/summer type clothing to tide us over in Hawaii till we're able to get to the rest of our things. I thought I could get both Sage and my clothing into two big bags....silly me :)

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