Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hale Koa Retreat

Dana's unit sent many of the families on a marriage retreat this weekend. We just got back today. They paid for us to stay in a hotel down on the beach in Waikiki, all of our meals, tickets to a luau, and provided child care. I was somewhat bummed to be going back into a hotel since we just finished a month long stay in one but this trip turned out to be really fun. Fun for Dana and I anyway- Sage thought daycare sucked.
The Hale Koa Hotel is a pretty neat place. It's a military hotel down on the strip in Waikiki right there with all the other hotels and touristy stuff. It didn't feel like a military type hotel at all-if you didn't already know you wouldn't notice a difference. The only people who can stay in the hotel are military, retired military or families of soldiers. I guess that would probably be the noticeable difference- the place was packed with older retirees and then our twenty or so families that attended the retreat. When we went to the bar we would meet old Navy retirees who served in the 30s. They were very fun to talk with.

This is at our table at the luau:

View from our room's balcony:

My fancy drink:

Another balcony view:

Sage at the beach:

The poor piggy that became our dinner:

Dana and I at the luau:

That was where the little piggy got roasted up to eat! Called an Imu:

Another balcony shot...it was really pretty up there!

Hawaiian dudes carrying around our piggy dinner:

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