Friday, February 17, 2012


There is a lady who lives across the street from my mother. We call her Gram, and she grows pineapples in her living room. I knew pineapples came from Hawaii so I just kind of assumed they required some sort of sunlight/warm weather. Nope, this lady grows them in her house.
When we got to Hawaii and visited the Dole Plantation a worker showed me how to start a pineapple. So I have been saving the ones we have bought-and I am going to grow one!
If you don't know, pineapples take a long time to grow- over a year. And each plant only produces one pineapple a year.
I have some time.
Check out my two that I have started. The left one has been soaking the longest. See how long the roots already are? I planted it in a bucket today. We will see how it goes...
If Gram can grow a pineapple in her Georgia living room then certainly I should be able to grow one in the pineapple motherland of Hawaii.

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