Monday, March 19, 2012


As in deployment!
Here are some photos from today.
Check out the one of the guy holding his bags...that's only some of them! They all have 3-4 bags that are around 70lbs a piece. They must bring everything they will need for the deployment including winter and summer clothing, personal items, toiletries- and the heaviest part of all-body armor. Which is why they had to bring that big truck you see in another picture...those bags take up a lot of space.
We had to be there around 2pm. The commanders gave a few pep talks, everyone said goodbye and they were gone within a half hour or so. The absolute worst part is all of the children-it is brutal to watch. Sage and I stayed till the 'five minutes to load up' mark and then we fled out of there. I cannot stand to watch the last goodbyes-they are heartbreaking to see. Luckily, this unit has short deployment!

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