Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So, I'm fairly certain she is mocking me in this video although she states that she is not. But she has her cell phone, ipad and a tasty snack of tortilla chips and hummus...sounds a lot like me. Oh wait, all of that IS mine!
At the beginning when I ask her who she is talking to she says "cheese." I assure you she knows no one by the name of cheese. When I spoke she realized I had the video camera on there and the child has been trained to say "cheese!" whenever any sort of camera lense is pointed at her.

This one is Sage coloring. She loooooves to color. She probably brings out the crayons 5 seperate times a day. We are in desperate need of more printer paper these days because she uses it all up. You'll hear her say "cheese" again at the beginning of the video. It's more of an instinctive reaction these days...pull out a camera or a video camera and she says cheese. She was coloring "fishies" and a "dog" today.

And again in this one..."cheese!" She's playing ball in the backyard with Dana-forgive her bohemian/hawaiian/trailer park look. I filmed this one right after dinner one night and the kid ALWAYS ends up with half of her food all down her shirt. We usually just take it off and let her run around half naked till she gets a bath. Notice once she sees that I'm filming her she comes running up saying "cheese!"

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  1. OMG!!! She IS being you!!!! That is too funny!