Monday, August 13, 2012

Hawaii Children's Discovery Center

Sage and I joined a friend at the Hawaii Children's Discovery Center today. We have been once before, but Sage enjoyed it so much that we went again!
The center is three stories, and each story has different themed play areas for kids. In each area everything is little kid sized and the kids can touch and play with all of it.
It's such a nice change for the kids since in most places they go they can't touch anything :)

Here she is learning about the rainforest:

And this is a giant, talking jack-in-the-box. Sage was fascinated. She just kept saying, "Look Momma! Look!"
 That's her little friend beside her playing with the light board. We've known this little girl since she was born. The picture is very deceptive.This room was just about pitch dark except for this light-up board. They put colored pegs into the light board and it made them glow all pretty:
 This is Sage comparing her foot size to a sumo-wrestler's foot:
 There was a little room that was a similar replica to a doctor's office/hospital room. All of the things in the room were about half-sizes so they were perfect for Sage. It was complete with scales, medical equipment, x-rays, and bassinets for all the little sick baby dolls. Regardless of all of the amenities, Sage chose to see her patients on the floor:
 Sage is driving her friend somewhere (I swear her friend didn't have red hair until we came to Hawaii, then it just miraculously started to change colors!):
 This was an area that was supposed to look like a police station. There were a few phones to let the kids practice dialing 911. Sage obviously was having a hard time figuring the phone out...she always listened in the wrong end :)
 This was at the mini post office. She drew a stamp:
 And now she's a judge. Order in the court!
 In the reading room on the hugest couch ever!
 Rocking by a fire place:
 Driving her friend around in a bus. Sage always gets to drive:
 Picking veggies out of the garden:
 I didn't get too many pictures on this floor but there were lots of different rooms that were to mimic a families home in multiple different countries. In each room there was a phone you could listen to and someone from that country would explain some of the customs and traditions. Those marks on her arm are tattoos.One of the countries had an area where they made fancy patterns on fabric but Sage chose to put the fancy patterns on herself:
 Sage's favorite area! The grocery store. She could fill that little cart up 100 times:
 And now she is forecasting the weather just like Uncle Brandon!
 First carousel ride!

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