Friday, August 10, 2012

Fun Facts about Sage

I took a little trip to the North Shore last weekend to buy Sage a wetsuit.
She looooves the ocean. But she cannot tolerate the water temperature. None of her other little friends seem to have a problem with it...but after about an hour at the beach she is blue, shivering and has purple lips. The problem lies in the fact that she is getting to a point where she doesn't want to take breaks anymore. I used to could just pluck her out when she turned blue, sit her on the towel and let her warm up. Then we would start the process again. But now, now she wants to play! She gets MAD, MAD, MAD if I want to take her out of the water because she is getting hypothermia.
Isn't she cute in her purple wetsuit??? I let her wear it to play in the backyard pool this afternoon. I just wanted to make sure it fit before we tried it in the ocean. It seems to be a tad big, but I think it may still help!

Sage still loves school. She went up to a higher age group about a month ago. At first it was a bit scary (for me!) but she's adjusted to it so well. She is learning something new every week. She can now sing the ABCs, even the "Now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me..." part. The "L,M,N,O,P" messes her up and she usually just blurs it all together and sings,
 "H, I, J, K,bluh,bluh,bluh,bluh,bluh, Q,R,S..." 

Another thing about school is that she is in a class with a bunch of little Hawaiian kids. She's picking up on the local's dialect. Sometimes I have to ask her teachers to translate something that she said the night before. Sometimes I enlist my clients to help me. "Soo....last night my kid asked if we could eat ___. What the heck is that??" They usually help me out. One good example is that the local Hawaiians call their shoes "slippers."  But they don't pronounce the 'r' so it's more like "slippahs." Mainly that just means any sort of sandal type shoe ranging from flip-flops to crocs. If I ask Sage to go get her shoes she will do so, but if she initiates talking about her shoes she calls them "slippahs." The other day we were walking to the car and she stepped out of her shoe and screamed, "MY SLIPPAH!!!!! MY SLIPPAH!!!" 
She's going to be sooo messed up once we move back to the mainland.

Another thing is that every day when I ask her what she had for lunch she answers with, "Rice." Now, rice is a staple at just about every single, solitary meal over here. Even the fast food places serve rice with each meal. McDonalds serves spam, eggs and rice for breakfast. Wendys services chili with a big scoop of rice in the middle. You can buy spam and rice at every single gas station. Rice, rice, rice. 
Sage doesn't even like rice.
But everyone in her class does and her daycare serves it just about every day as a side dish. 
So she tells me she eats it every day.
She doesn't. She just says it because everyone else does it.
Now Kahlua pork...she will tear that up. 
And another thing...her school had "open house" last week. They close down for a week during the summers to do a deep cleaning of the facility, their annual staff training, and to create the next year's curriculum.  Then on the last day of that week they do an open house in the evening so you can come in, check out the new classroom arrangement and talk about your child's curriculum. It was nice to go to the open house because I got a chance to really talk to her teachers. Usually they are chasing around a room full of toddlers so I just stick with the bare minimum when we talk. Her teachers asked me when I was going to start sending her to school in big girl panties. I give them a blank look. We haven't done too much about the potty training around here...Then her teachers proceed to tell me all about how she goes to the potty at school. So apparently, she's 'somewhat' potty trained at school-just not at home. She never even asks at the house. Tricky little red head....

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