Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crazy Dreams

So...still having crazy dreams. Especially since I wake up every two hours it seems. yay...not.  Might have had one of the oddest ones yet last night...

Dream was as follows: I was at the office having a very normal workday. The secretary informed me that I would be seeing a couple who was referred to us because they're in the process of adopting a baby. In my dream this seemed like a perfectly good reason for me to be meeting with them...although clearly I have never had a therapy session with people trying to adopt a baby. In the dream, the hospital has required the couple to have some sort of mental health evaluation before they could continue with the process. So I'm sitting in my office talking to this extremely nice couple, and they're chatting away about how happy they are to finally be receiving a baby. As I am obviously pregnant, I am joining in this fun chat. We're just a bunch of happy parents-to-be. They tell me all about the room they have set up, how excited their families are, everything they've purchased and all that new parent jazz. They also explain that the baby isn't born yet but once it is the baby's biological parents are giving it up for adoption...which is how they will come into possession of this child. Then, the woman mentions that the baby's name is (wait for it....wait for it...) Sage.  I'm a bit shocked by this since it's not some ordinary name, and I ask a few further questions. The couple pulls out a folder and shows me the paperwork from the hospital that this baby is going to soon be born at.

**Two dollars for the first person to guess what happens next**

Lo and behold it is MY BABY!!!! The paperwork is from our hospital and it has mine and Dana's name all over it as the biological parents. They immediately get kicked out of my office all the while I'm stuttering about how there must be some sort of  mix up and they're definitely not getting my child....and then I wake up.



  1. OMG! That sounds highly traumatic! I have had so many crazy dreams like that and I always get really shaken up after. - Rach

  2. Reading your blog is fun. It reminds me of all the "fun" I had being pregnant, the misery of all the weight and cramps, the comments, "woa, you're HUGE!" I didn't have many crazy dreams, but one had me hysterical an hour after waking up from it. And yet I remember most of it with fondness. Strange how motherhood works.