Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flippin' baby time

Had an OB appt today! Everything continues to look good. Blood pressure is still fine. Baby is squirming around in there. I even managed to keep weight gain at a minimum and got some kudos from the doc and the nurse (internet high five!).
Sage misbehaved the ENTIRE time. I tried to tell the doctor that this baby has a bit of an attitude but she refused to believe me until she started to search for little Sage's heartbeat. Let's just say she about used up her whole tube of doplar gunk in the process. Sage kept swatting and kicking at the doctor making it difficult to hear anything but whooshing noises.
Fiesty youngin'
She is also curled up all in the wrong direction which led to some hide and seek. From what I understand she's not quite breech but she's not quite correct either. She's kinda curled up in a sideways 'C' shape. Her booty and legs are on my right side and her head/chest is on the left...she's basically sideways.
The doc didn't seem too concerned about her position since I have a few more weeks to go until it becomes an issue. She just remarked that we'd need to "double check" positioning next time and keep an eye on her.

My mom said I should start crawling on all fours around the house...apparently that worked to flip one of her friend's babies...If I get that desperate I'll make sure to get a picture so everyone can laugh :-)

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  1. I hope you don't get that desperate, but I DO want a picture!!!!!!!!! - Rach