Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dana's Promotion

Dana received a promotion today!
He's now a Sergeant in the Army.
I happened to get a couple pictures of the event.

This is his unit waiting to watch the promotions

This is the guy in charge pulling off Dana's old rank. The rest of the unit is still standing in line watching.

I wasn't fast enough to catch it but what happens after Dana's former rank is removed is the guy behind him (who is also in his section) places on the new rank (it goes smack in the middle of his chest) and then smacks the heck out of it. It's some kind of manly tradition of some sort...I don't quite get it. You can see their whole body strain under the weight of the hit. I suppose it would be embarassing to fall over in front of everyone...It took every ounce of my self control not to bust out laughing because it really is quite funny. You can see the guy's fist all balled up in this next picture and how Dana looks like he's about to get punched...

After the new rank is placed on them they have to say the NCO (non-commissioned officer) creed that they have memorized. It's REALLY long. Here is a link if you are curious.  I would be too embarassed to have to yell it out in front of everyone but they both (Dana and the guy to his left were the only ones promoted today) did a great job. 

And then...they have to do 50 pushups. The reason why? I have nooo clue. Army guys really like their pushups...

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  1. I noticed that one guys hat is a little lighter than Dana's, does he get less action points for this, and if you can't finish your push up's does this reflect on your action points also. And are they doing push up's down hill, this would seem to be a cheat code with the forward gravity motion pushing you in that directions, also, did Dana'hit him back. And does his new badge of courage stay right smack dabb in the middle, it would be nice if you had explained this point. Also, did you take the pictures, what the hell is the one guy turned around looking at, that seems a little like that guy is not focused on the event and he needs a punch too. Also, did they do this behind the shed where the lawn mowers are, thats what it looks like to me. Dam budget cuts.

    Just kidding Dana, good job