Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In case you need to laugh...

For all of you that have yet to be honored with the aquaintance of my cat it is important to understand that he is a tad...well...special needs. :-)

I have much photographic evidence of this.

Who can forget this day? All I wanted to do was try and sew, but Delta just kept getting in the way. I eventually gave up for his safety and mine..

Before you go " cute!" Take a look at these:

Not cute

And then this:

That's my makeup case.
And he's laying in it.

He certainly looooves Dana:

And he looooves Chai:

But today, I don't know if it's the nice weather or he's been sneaking catnip again, but he's been a tad more "special needs" than usual.
I am reading my newest Fit Pregnancy magazine (which is another funny story...I'll post later) and I hear a peculiar sound from outside. I look out and Delta is trying to maneuver himself UNDER Chai's baby pool (which is currently empty).
::Chai owns her own little plastic baby pool because she get sooo HOT down here in the south and drinks about 10 gallons of water a day plus enjoys cooling off her toes every now and then::
Take a look:

I swear on all things chocolate that he did this to himself...
After I swiftly got a few pictures I had to laugh which I believe embarassed him because he halfway crawled out and attempted to give me that "oh this is perfectly normal cat behavior" face.

So yeah, that was a whole post about our cat. And until I have a baby it's the most interesting thing going on at my house :)
It was kinda funny...go on and admit it!

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