Monday, March 22, 2010

New Pictures

I was going through the camera today and found that there are a couple new pictures I have yet to post!

These first two are from the baby shower that my work threw me. I kind of wish I'd taken a few more but if you'd seen the TONS of yummy foods that they brought you'd understand how my priorities were not with the camera
Yummy cake made special for me! Half chocolate and half yellow cake.

Fun pile of PINK presents!

These next pictures are the most recent of Sage's room
This is the sign over her bed

Cute elephant bedding!

Blankets and baby accessories. No, that is not a bucket. It's a baby spa :)Thanks Rachel!

Stroller/Car Seat and Shelves


  1. It's a fanch, schmancy bucket that's used as a baby bath :) It's that green/see thru thing between the blankets and the baby seat thingy

  2. It's a bucket! LOL. But my baby really did love it. Make sure to watch the video on the website, Beth, so you know how to properly use the bucket!

    Also, I just wanted to comment that your baby's room is far more set up than mine is and my baby turns 3 and a half tomorrow!

  3. There's a video on how to properly use the bucket???? What kinda instruction does one need for a bucket?
    Well, I will definitely get on that task today because lord knows I don't want to use the bucket wrong...