Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So, I made a tiny little mistake today.
It was really rather minor...don't know why everyone freaked out so much.

Let me first paint you a picture of the scene:
I'm standing in the hallway at work standing with one of my clients. We were in front of the little sliding glass window waiting for the secretary to find her another appointment. The doctor was in the office searching through charts.  The nurse was chatting to the doctor.  My boss was in there doing something too...

Now this is what my client asked me:
Client: " you think you'll have the baby early, late or on time?"

This is what I wished I'd have said:
Me: "Well, if she's anything like my husband she'll be late because he's a procrastinator."

This is what I actually said:
Me: "Well, if it's my husband's child she'll be late because he's a procrastinator."

Everyone's reaction:
Everyone: ::insert mouth open, wide eyed, gaping stares::



  1. If you ask me, its not his, looks too much like ET at the moment. Phone home Beth, Phone home. I was wondering if anything else lit up?

  2. LOL!!! I can only imagine the looks on their faces...

  3. Hilarious!!! Luv ya - Rach

  4. I'm still laughing!!! Right on!