Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday, Sage and I took a trip to Dana's new work for a "family meeting." We listened to a briefing on what his new job entails as well as expectations of each soldier. We were told they'd have a lot of homework -so we should be nice to them. Dana has actually sat at the dining room table every night this week and studied for HOURS. It's very odd to see.
We toured the new facility. The technology they have is extremely cool, but I have to say I didn't retain a single bit of information.  It all looked soooo boring! Ugh. I don't know how he'll do it. All circuit breakers, machines, welding, wires, etc. Not my thing.
The wives I met all seemed extremely nice which make me feel more optimistic about this new post. There is no structured FRG since it's a training unit so I've been considering volunteering to assist in some sort of unofficial position like that. There are quite a few pregnant wives and the soldiers get NO paternity leave. There are also wives that have no vehicles. I gave many of them my number in case they need anything.
Sage was WIDE OPEN during the meeting because she had just taken a nap. I'm sure the Oreos I was feeding her to keep her quiet didn't help... She just kept laughing while the battalion commander spoke and during the tour she kept swinging around her arms and legs. Crazy sugar rush baby.
But anyhow, that was our day. Hopefully we'll be forming some playgroups soon and I'm sure that will make for some fun pictures!

In other news, Sage is doing EXTREMELY well with solid food. She's even scaled back on the amount of bottles she takes per day which has been kind of nice because formula is EXPENISVE. She will eat the pureed food that I make her but she's starting to want to feed herself more. Instead of mushing up bananas for her I've just been breaking them apart into small pieces she can pick up on her own. Makes for a happy baby but a much larger mess...

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