Monday, November 23, 2009

The joys of mental health...

I've just recently started telling my clients and co-workers about the pregnancy, and so far there's been a very mixed reaction. I decided that second trimester was far enough along to tell and that they needed to know since it will affect their treatment.
I don't know what I'm thinking expecting sane behavior from the mentally ill...but I decided to share with you guys because it made me laugh :-)

Client #1: This girl acted like I have been her BFF for E (best friend for ever) after I told her the news. She lept out of her chair, hugged me, and cried like this was the BEST NEWS EVER. Mind you, we've only had about 4 sessions together and I doubt she could actually tell me my last name...can we say narcissism?
Client #2: This guy gives me a petrified look and goes, "You're going to leave me....??" My reaction, "Uh...yes, for a short time at least as I take maternity leave but that is still many months away. You will be referred to one of the other therapists in case you need to talk with someone while I am away." Guy: "But you will come back to me right...??" Me: " do know that this is not a breakup or anything...I think you're taking it a tad too personal."
Client #3: *Who happened to find out from client #1...grrr...gossiping clients* Client: "Why did you tell her first??? We've known each other longer and you decided to tell her first??? I just don't understand why you wouldn't tell me."

At this point in my day I gave up telling clients. Three is a good number in one day. Maybe tomorrow I'll try again. Check back for updates or feel free to start guessing diagnoses. It could be a fun game ;-)


  1. Hi Beth -
    thanks for sharing your pregnancy stories!
    Especially enjoyed descriptions of client's reactions to your news.
    Is Dana having any sympathetic weight gain or nausea??!!
    Happy Thanksgiving from family in Denver!

  2. Gaining weight: Yes!
    Nausea: No!