Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doctor Visit

***Post could include some MAJOR whining...be warned***

I have another doctor appointment today...in about 3 hours to be exact. I would like to say that something fun and cool will happen during the appointment but I believe that I'll mostly just whine. I've been saving up a LOT of whining for this one. I'm hoping if I start the whining early she'll be more sympathetic later on...or else she'll be soooo sick of me she'll slip me some secret, labor-inducing med. There will be so much whining going on that I've made a list of all the subjects I wish to make a whiney comment on just so I don't forget anything.
My list includes:
1. Work
2. Ribs -mine, not the BBQ covered pork kind
3. Sleep
4. Left leg numbness and butt cramps
5. Anger/Crying mood swings
6. How to wash the dog since I can no longer bend over
7. The state of the US economy
8. How to add 3 inches to my height
Ok...maybe not all of those are really on the list....but some are!
Is it bad that I'm already at the burnt out point and I still have about 10 weeks to go? I think that's bad...I was hoping to save burn out till about week 35.

***I think the whining just became complaining...uh oh....***

Let me tell you something else that's been bugging me lately...since I'm on a roll at this point...I am sooo tired of people asking me how much farther I have to be pregnant! Now, I can excuse the random stranger on the street because they don't know but I'm talking about the people that I see ALL THE TIME that keep asking me. If I have to tell our psychiatrist (the one at work, not my own. i don't have one of those yet but give it time) one more time how many weeks along I am I might throw his prescription pad at him.  Ok. I just decided to no longer excuse the random stranger on the street. I'm tired of them too. It's especially getting old because the next two questions (very predictable) are 1. Is it a girl or boy? and 2. What are you going to name her? I've decided to start switching up answers at work. Next time the shrink asks it's a boy and his name is Freud.

I'll let you know if the doctor is sympathetic to my woes...I'm hoping that she will be. She had a little boy about 9 months ago. She's got to be on my side...

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